Trail Blazer

Trail BlazerProgram Trail Blazer was designed for batch image protection and printing additional information (for example, time, date and place where photo have been taken). Image protection is in stamping your images. You can stamp unique logo or copyright information onto your picture to protect them from plagiary.

Using Trail Blazer you can:

  • Protect your pictures from plagiary. It is easy to stamp your unique logo, trademark, copyright or site url onto your pictures.
  • Stamp additional information onto your pictures. You can add time, date or place where photo have been taken.
  • Process a lot of popular file formats such as JPEG, PNG and TIFF. You will get pictures in format you need.

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    Picture protection

    Trail Blazer provides quite simple but strong protection technology. It is in stamping your pictures with your unique logo, trademark or copyright information. You could see this kind of image processing on desktop wallpapers from, or Those sites stamp site-url onto pictures to protect them from plagiary. You can do it with easy to use program called Trail Blazer.

    Trail Blazer App Has Been Deprecated

    I'm sorry to say we no longer support Trail Blazer. While we still provide support to existing customers, we don't sell it anymore. If you need a watermark software, you should try Visual Watermark instead. Best wishes to all.

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